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Nadec is the largest producer of dairy products and fruit juices in Saudi Arabia. It offers a broad range products, from feta cheese up to chocolate milk, and is one of the fastest developing companies in the regional market.

Nadec focuses on offering healthy products for children and promoting them among their youngest consumers. Lemon & Orange was happy to help with this campaign by implementing an application directed at this market segment.

The Nadec app features three main modules – the products’ section, the store section and the coloring section. All modules use Augmented Reality technology.

The products’ segment entertains kids during their healthy breakfast. When they point their smartphone at a carton of milk or a different product by Nadec, they will see a magical Nadec world – cows eating grass around the carton or Captain Nadec landing on their cheese spread.

If you point your smartphone at stickers in selected stores, you see a life size cow in there. You can take photos with the Nadec mascot and share them on your social media.

The app features also a coloring section. Just print the designs and color them, and when you point your smartphone at the drawing, it will come alive – the kids can visit the fairy-tale Nadec farm, see an astronaut in space or meet a dairy princess.

We are grateful to Nadec for their trust – we will celebrate it with a cup of warm milk (enriched by a decent amount of coffee).