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PL3D is a leading company in Middle East , specialized in 3D creative interactive marketing solutions .
What Ever your business might need , where ever your corporate is located , we can be there.
We have developed state-of-the-art products like our patented 3D In-Depth Floor Graphics™ and we are a leader in high quality lenticular printing with our 3D In-Depth Images™. We also make effectful car designs with 3D In-Depth Vehicle Graphics™, window designs with 3D In-Depth Window Graphics™ and show product benefits with our 3D In-Depth Display Graphics™.

Our company provides augmented reality based solutions for mobile devices, websites and big screens. We link the real world with reality generated by the computer, creating unique sales and marketing tools for your product. Thanks to our technology, your advertising message can never be boring or static – it draws the viewer in and encourages him/her to have fun and interact with it.